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by daniel nitz and thomas torggler

Veeam direct restore to Azure

Today I tried to restore a Veeam backed up VM directory to Microsoft Azure. Veeam gives you a free piece of software to get this done quickly with few easy steps. Lets jump into the configuration First of all we deploy the Veeam Direct Restore to Azure preconfigured VM from the Azure marketplace W... [More]

Lync SDN API and Cisco WLC

Some days ago I had the chance to test Cisco’s Wireless LAN Controllers with the Lync Software Defined Networking (SDN) API. For those who don’t know what SDN API is, a quick overview: You can basically think of the SDN API as a little add-on, that can be installed on Lync Front End Servers, and tha... [More]

Azure Backup - Part Three

In my previous posts I gave you an overview of Azure Backup und explained the “Direct Backup Azure VM to Backup Vault” solution a bit in detail. Lets now focus on the Azure Backup Server option which we can backup Files and Applications like ActiveDirectory, SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange and Hyper-V. I... [More]

Azure Backup - Part Two

Let’s focus on Option 1 the direct Azure VM Backup: The Backup Tasks We are now going to Backup an Azure VM from the Web interface. First of all, you have to start a discovery search. When the discovery search is completed you can select the VM you want to Backup. Keep in mind: Today it’s not poss... [More]

Azure Backup - Part One

On Azure you can choose basically between two different Backup Options: 1. Direct Backup Azure VM to Backup Vault2. Backup Applications like SQL, Sharepoint… and Files, System State through Microsoft Azure Backup Server Today I will give you a short overview of the service. Prerequisites - Backup ... [More]