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by daniel nitz and thomas torggler

Lync SDN API and Cisco WLC

Some days ago I had the chance to test Cisco’s Wireless LAN Controllers with the Lync Software Defined Networking (SDN) API. For those who don’t know what SDN API is, a quick overview: You can basically think of the SDN API as a little add-on, that can be installed on Lync Front End Servers, and tha... [More]

Azure Backup - Part Three

In my previous posts I gave you an overview of Azure Backup und explained the “Direct Backup Azure VM to Backup Vault” solution a bit in detail. Lets now focus on the Azure Backup Server option which we can backup Files and Applications like ActiveDirectory, SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange and Hyper-V. I... [More]

Azure Backup - Part Two

Let’s focus on Option 1 the direct Azure VM Backup: The Backup Tasks We are now going to Backup an Azure VM from the Web interface. First of all, you have to start a discovery search. When the discovery search is completed you can select the VM you want to Backup. Keep in mind: Today it’s not poss... [More]

Azure Backup - Part One

On Azure you can choose basically between two different Backup Options: 1. Direct Backup Azure VM to Backup Vault2. Backup Applications like SQL, Sharepoint… and Files, System State through Microsoft Azure Backup Server Today I will give you a short overview of the service. Prerequisites - Backup ... [More]

Azure File Services

Today I mapped an Azure File Share to my local computer First you have to create a Storage account and a File Service Within the Webinterface you can create folders and upload files When you click on “Connect” you can get the commands to map the volume. Its basically a normal Network drive. The ... [More]

Re-register Azure MFA Server

If you also installed the Azure MFA Server with a MSDN Subscription and now want to switch to another subscription without re-installing the Server, you have to do the following. (Please keep in mind you loose all the settings you made within the MFA console) Export your users Make some screenshots... [More]